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About Me

I am a volunteer intern working in a southern Californian hospital. I am not a certified health care worker and I only went through a three day training. I am the lowest person on the hospital food chain, only slightly above the candy striper volunteers. However, that does not mean I am not important. As an intern, I function as an extra hand to the hospital staff. I help with running errands, changing diapers, bathing patients, walking patients, and being present when anyone needs me. When I am not busy,  I spend time with the patients. This is where my importance comes in. I listen to them talk about their life, their fears, and their concerns. I am the eyes and ears of the hospital. I hear and see what the other staff do not have time to notice. Through this position, I have learned all about hospital life and experienced things most people my age don’t even think about.

Working in a hospital is a routine.  Although it can be tedious, once in a while, I meet a patient that breaks up the monotony. Someone who makes me smile and laugh. Someone who makes me realize why I want to work in the health care field. Someone who teaches me something about living or dying. Other times, it’s the sights, and often times, smells, that are the most memorable.

I hope to share all that I have seen, smelled, and experienced while working at the hospital. Some stories will be exciting, while others will be sad. Periodically, I will share health facts I learned in my science classes as well as current events dealing with health and health care. Hospital work is rarely anything like that seen on House or Grey’s Anatomy, but it is a truly rewarding and humbling experience.

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